RFID Scanners with RFID HF Reader in 13.56 MHz or RFID UHF Reader and integrated NFC reader for near-field communications. Ergonomic Handhelds for Mobile Data Collection of 1D or 2D Barcodes or RFID-Tags. Our compact barcode scanners for Retail, Warehousing, Inventory or Logistics support you in your process flows as a mobile identification solution. The handy design and uncomplicated use of our barcode readers achieve valid results even in demanding environments with reading ranges of up to 3 metres. The integrated IP-Rating make our RFID scanners a rugged mobile data collection device for harsh environments.

i-poll 2.0 rfid scanner

– RFID UHF: ISO 18000-63
– Reading Range: up to 4 m
– IP68 Protection Class